Church of Latter-day Saints President Russell M. Nelson appreciates everyone #givethanks

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Russell M. Nelson expressed appreciation to everyone who participated in his week-long invitation to #givethanks.

On Friday before Thanksgiving, the Church President sent a special message to everyone, everywhere to do two things to help heal our fractured relationships and communities.

Now, a new message from President Nelson, he expressed gratitude to all who responded to his Nov. 20 invitation to #GiveThanks.

In a message sent out by the Church, he said, “I offered a message and prayer for the world and everyone in it, “I am grateful and humbled that you would join in thanking God for His countless blessings to each of us,” #give thanks.”

His two suggestions were:

  1. Turn social media into your own gratitude journal for the next seven days, using #givethanks.
  2. Say a prayer of thanks.

It took off on Social media like a wildfire, a lot of newsfeeds inundated by people giving thanks and some making satire of the message. Trolled or not, it was a fairly good moment on social media.

With scores of people posting their messages of gratitude on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Church News reported a historical perspective, the observed, “At a time in history when a disease has brought the world to its knees, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a renowned medical doctor.”

They also noted the Church President asking everyone to use social media, “a 96-year-old Prophet asked the world to post every day and use a hashtag.” 

He has also added an additional thought about expressing gratitude for the upcoming Christmas Season by loving and serving others one by one.

This is his original message which has over 12 million views:

In his own message, he thanked scientists and researchers who are developing the vaccine for COVID-19. He himself was a pioneer in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

In 1918 during the influenza pandemic, Church meetings were also canceled or postponed, people were also asked to wear masks and many suffered. As reported in the Church news even a day of fasting was asked for during the flu pandemic.

Many people members of the Church or not put out their social media messages, Brent Maxwell a local LDS Church leader in West Jordan made posts every day ranging from “I am grateful for my eternal companion Mindy Maxwell.” “I have some really amazing children! And their spouses! I am sooooo grateful for them.” “I am grateful for God’s creations!” He ended with the deeply spiritual “Today I am grateful for the whisperings of the Spirit, the tender mercies from God and His miracles in my life”

The response to the Church President’s call was so surprising the Church set up their own join the conversation page where some of the posts were shown.

Ranging from the deeply profound, to fun and light people said they felt grateful for their spouses and children, for their marriages, cranberries, even toilet paper!

One message glared in it’s simplicity “I am thankful for clean water.”

The messages came in from all over the world.

Other leaders of the Church also sent their messages of gratitude. One of the Church’s quorum of 12 apostles who’s brother is suffering from pancreatic cancer said, “Can’t wait to thank the Savior in person,” Leading Elder Dale G. Renlund to say, ” I am grateful for my older brother who helps me focus more clearly on my Divine Older Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Another Church Leader, Lisa L, Harkness a first counselor for the Primary organization said she was grateful to be able to read. “Reading helps me ‘see’ things I never imagined.”

Now, the man who started it all, considered a prophet by many said, “Thank you, for your faith.”

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