Caught on camera: Magna man cited for animal cruelty after beating his dog

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Magna man cited for animal cruelty
MAGNA, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Video has surfaced that allegedly shows a Magna man hitting and kicking his dog in his front yard.
Neighbors filmed cell phone video of what appears to show Roberto Guzman beating his dog, Blue. Good4Utah’s Brittany Johnson went to Guzman’s house and showed him the video.
“Is that you in the video?” Johnson asked Guzman.
“Yea — that’s when he {Blue} still had a piece of it in his mouth,” replied Guzman.
Johnson then asked, “A piece of what?”
“The bird,” replied Guzman.
Guzman admitted to ABC4 Utah that he did beat his dog, but said the pit-bull ate a baby bird that his wife was caring for. Guzman said all he was trying to do was get the bird’s head out of Blue’s mouth.
“So right there when I’m smacking him, it’s because I’m trying to check his damn mouth, and he still has some in there, and I’m like, ‘no no no,’ and he’s trying to swallow it, and I’m trying to grab it, and get him out of it, because he still has a piece of the damn bird in his mouth,” said Guzman, while watching the video.
In the video it appears that Guzman punches the dog, walks away, and then comes back and kicks him.
“That’s taken out of context. That’s from perspective. Little do they know that I’m trying to grab a piece of the damn baby bird. I understand it wouldn’t look right, but I’m telling you what happened,” Guzman said. “If you don’t know much about American Bullies or pits, you gotta be stern. I’m not saying you gotta stomp them out or anything, but for them to learn, you gotta kinda, you know, smack them.”
Tina Tilt, Guzman’s neighbor, who recorded the incident, said that’s not the way you treat a dog.
“You don’t have to be that stern. You have to be sometimes, but not like that. That was not stern, that was a beating. That was a dog beating. That was abuse.” 
Tilt, who is also a dog owner, said this is not the first time Guzman has beaten one of his dogs — it’s just the first time she was able to catch it on camera.
“We’ve seen him yank it and throw it out the front door –it’s horrible what he does to it.”
In hindsight, Guzman said he would have handled the situation different.
“I obviously wouldn’t have let my wife put the damn bird on the floor, you know, and secondly, if I would have known all this drama would have gone on because I’m trying to smack the damn bird out of the dog’s mouth, you know, I obviously wouldn’t have done it.” 
After multiple calls from neighbors, an officer with Salt Lake County Animal Services did make a welfare call to Guzman’s home on Friday, but didn’t take Blue away.
“He saw the dog wasn’t limping or didn’t seem to be in pain. It wasn’t acting submissive or scared of the owner, so he decided at that moment to leave the dog where it was at,” explained Callista Pearson, Salt Lake County Animal Services.
Pearson said although the dog wasn’t taken away on Friday, the officer did issue an animal cruelty citation to Guzman. Because of “concerned individuals,” the officer returned Sunday to take the dog away.
“This way we can at least do an examination to look over the dog and make sure there is nothing internal that we can’t see,” Pearson said.
Guzman, a father of three, said when it comes down to it, his neighbors just want him out of sight.
“I go to work and I just do me. But they’re mad because I’m not in jail for some reason and they just want me behind bars.” 

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