A day on the water turns deadly at Strawberry Reservoir.

It’s after a 15-year-old went under the water Saturday and didn’t resurface.

“About 3:30 this afternoon our 911 center got a call from a woman who said that her nephew who is 15-years-old had gone under the water at Strawberry Reservoir and that he hadn’t been seen since,” said Sheriff Jared Rigby of Wasatch County.

Search and rescue were deployed, but when crews arrived it was already too late.

“They were risking their own lives in doing this, and family was right there with them working with them,” said Rigby. “A boat that had been borrowed from the Phillips Strawberry Bay Arena was used to then move the 15-year-old to the shore to the ramp at the Soldier Creek Campground.”

At the campground is where most of the life-saving procedures were done.

Sadly, they were unsuccessful.

The Wasatch County’s Sheriff has this safety warning.

“Strawberry Reservoir is a place where people come to have fun. We need people to wear life jackets,” said Rigby. “Unfortunately, because of the cold water and other circumstances sometimes it’s weather related, wind related accidents happen.”

Sheriff Rigby says while it’s presumed the teen drowned, it’s up to the medical examiner to make that determination.

He adds this is the third death at Strawberry Reservoir this year.