Boater pulls intoxicated man from under water at Pineview Reservoir

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) A boater is being called a hero after he pulled an intoxicated man from Pineview Reservoir Saturday night after seeing the man go under water and not resurface. 

Sgt. Nealy Adamson, Weber County Sheriff’s Office, said they were called to a disturbance at 7:45 pm. to the middle inlet beach of Pineview Reservoir. 

When deputies arrived, they were informed the disturbance was actually a Good Samaritan who had dragged a man from under water onto the beach to perform CPR.

Adams said during the course of the investigation, they discovered a man in his mid-20s had been drinking with about 10-15 friends when he went into the water to take a swim. 

A boater who was nearby watched as the man entered the water and not resurface. The boater jumped into the water to find him and was able to pull the man to the shoreline. The man had turned blue and was not breathing. The boater started CPR and during the course of life-saving measures, the victim coughed up a large amount of water and started to breath.  

According to Adamson, no one in his group even saw the man enter the water, let alone go under. Thankfully someone else did and was able to save the man’s life. 

ABC4’s reporter Hailey Higgins just last week reported on the mixed reactions to a proposal that would outlaw alcohol along the shores of Pineview Reservoir in an effort to eliminate a number of problems contributed to booze. 

County Commissioners will be voting this week on the suggested changes. You can read more about that story here.

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