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Black Lives Matter activist protest in search of answers

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – Dozens of Black Lives Matter activists gathered at the Provo Police Department Saturday.

It was in protest of the shooting death of Jeremy Sorensen.

Sorensen was shot by a passerby who witnessed him and an 18-year-old woman fighting on June 3rd, according to police.

It happened near 500 North 200 East, according to police.

Those that gathered say they want justice for Jeremy and don’t believe lethal force was necessary in this situation.

Provo Police say this is a significant and ongoing investigation. They said as of right now the name of the person who shot Jeremy will not be released.

Protesters, however, want to know who the shooter is. They’re asking Provo Police for transparency.

“I feel that Jeremy should have received consequences for being involved in a domestic dispute, but it shouldn’t have taken his life,” said Dumdi Baribe, a protester.

Police have yet to say what the relationship was between Jeremy and the woman he’s accused of assaulting.

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