Aviation workers want to be included in the next round of COVID-19 vaccinations

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Aviation workers are asking to be a priority in the next phase of COVID-19 vaccination.

SkyWest Airlines out of St. George wrote a letter to Governor Gary Herbert along with many other aviation companies, emphasizing the importance of their task and field; to distribute the vaccine and work with the public every day.

These aviation companies want to be next in line for the COVID-19 vaccine, so they are asking to be considered essential so they can get the COVID-19 vaccine sooner rather than later.

We know essential workers including healthcare personnel and residents at long-term care facilities have gotten the vaccine.

A letter prioritizing frontline aviation workers for the COVID-19 vaccine was sent out on December 17, to Gary Herbert.

SkyWest sent ABC4 a copy of the letter that said quote, “Please note the importance of frontline aviation workers in vaccine prioritization as essential workers in the nation’s recovery.”

SkyWest employs over 2,500 frontline professionals across the state of Utah.

“Air transportation will be essential to fight back against the virus and return to normal, even if it is a new normal,” the letter said.

A new normal, many of us aren’t ready for, but will have to be.

Thousands of COVID-19 vaccines have been given around the country and some here in Utah. For a healthier future and better economic recovery those working in aviation said they need the vaccine sooner rather than later.

As ABC News reported it will take up to 8,000 Boeing 747 freighters to distribute COVID vaccines around the globe. 

According to Marissa Snow, spokesperson for SkyWest, since the onset of the pandemic, aviation workers have continued to provide critical infrastructure support, including transport of medical supplies and personnel.

The letter was prepared collectively across the commercial aviation industry, including by the Regional Airlines Association and Airlines for America, to ensure frontline aviation workers maintain that priority for allocation of the vaccine in each state’s upcoming implementation plans. 

Snow added this is not a new designation from the government but told ABC4 she is hopeful Governor Herbert will continue to recognize the essential status of these frontline aviation workers.

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