MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah (ABC4) — Volunteer firefighters sprang into action after a driver’s Apple Watch alerted them to a car crash involving an elk.

The Mountain Green Fire Protection Unit said the crash happened “while you were sleeping” on Monday night on Trappers Loop near Snowbasin. A driver struck an elk, destroying the vehicle. The elk itself narrowly missed crashing through the windshield into the driver inside the car.

Before the driver called in the incident, her Apple Watch alerted dispatch of the collision and crews were already on their way.

Many newer Apple devices, including phones and watches, have been designed to alert authorities in cases of severe car crashes. If the device picks up on a sudden crash, the Apple device shows an alert saying “It looks like you’ve been in a crash,” with an opportunity to call emergency services or dismiss the alert. If the user doesn’t acknowledge the alert within 20 seconds, the device automatically alerts emergency services.

Apple Devices will also alert any emergency contacts listed in the phone with a GPS location of the crash.

In early June, two people were rescued from a burning vehicle in southern Utah after an Apple Watch alerted dispatch while they were unable to call emergency services themselves. During the initial rollout of the feature, many iPhones and watches were alerting authorities of crashes while users were riding on rollercoasters.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries during Monday night’s collision with an elk. Mountain Green Fire said the driver was cleaned of glass shards from her body and was not taken to the hospital.

Mountain Green Fire volunteers ensured her car was not anywhere hazardous for other drivers and were able to quickly be available for any other potential emergencies quickly.