SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Poverty advocates met at the Capitol to speak out against the proposed tax increase on groceries. 

Republican lawmakers proposed a tax increase earlier this month.  The proposal would impact various items including groceries. 
Advocates say nearly doubling what folks pay at the register. 

“We are here to ask legislators to reconsider the part on sales tax on food increase instead cut the tax on food,” Bill Tibbitts, Associate Director Crossroads Urban Center said. 

To help offset potential impacts the proposal incorporates a grocery tax credit for low-income families. 

“The have a tax rebait but you can’t wait until tax day to pay your rent for this month,” Tibbetts said. 

The bill sponsors say this proposal gives all Utahns from every socioeconomic background a massive tax cut. 

But advocates say it’s still not fair.

“It’s not right to tax people for a basic necessity the impact on low-income families is much higher because food is such a big share of low-income families budget,” Tibbetts said. 

The governor says there could be a special session as soon as next month to address this issue. 

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