Utah (ABC4 News) – According to the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, UUSS, Utah has experienced a total of 2,307 earthquakes since March 18, 2020 when the 5.7 magnitude earthquake happened in Magna.

UUSS says 6 of the earthquakes have been in the M4 range, 34 in the M3 range, and 146 in the M2 range.

Many Utahn’s are wondering if these many aftershocks from one initial sequence are normal? According to UUSS, yes, they are normal.

Many places in the western US has seen several medium to large earthquakes recently. Officials say there is no reason to think these earthquakes are related. They all occurred in seismically active areas.

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On March 30, Utah had seen 658 earthquakes recorded as part of the 5.7 Magna sequence. Two weeks later on April 9, it increased to 988 earthquakes.

Utah is considered “earthquake country,” it’s important to always be prepared. Check out these tips on how to prepare and what to do after an earthquake.

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