Toothy police sketch goes viral

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UNITED KINGDOM (WFLA) – A bizarre police sketch of a burglary suspect has gone viral online, but police say it’s no joke.

The Warwickshire Police Department in the United Kingdom released the sketch on Tuesday that shows a man with a large mouth. Police say he’s wanted for a distraction burglary that happened last month. 

People on Twitter quickly responded, cracking jokes about the toothy suspect. The sketch has been retweeted almost 19,000 times since it was posted.

Police say the sketch is real. They used e-fit, or electronic facial identification technique, to create a computer render of the suspect’s face based on a description given by the victim.

All jokes aside, police say they hope all of the attention online will help them nab the suspect. 

Investigators say he’s one of two men who tricked their way into a woman’s flat. One of the men distracted her while the other stole her cash.

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