LINDON, Utah (ABC4) – Three teens have been charged with murder after a Lindon teen died during a robbery in early August.

Charging documents show two 17-year-old boys and one 16-year-old boy have now been charged with murder and aggravated robbery, both first-degree felonies.

The victim is a 16-year-old boy. Identities have not been released as the case involves minors.

The robbery took place at the Lindon View Murdock Canal Trailhead on Aug. 1 around 2 a.m. Documents say the suspects connected with the victim over Snapchat and arranged to sell him marijuana cartridges. 

Five teens had agreed to meet the victim and rob him of $440, the amount of money he planned to bring for the cartridge sale, while also keeping the cartridges for themselves. At least one of the suspects was the victim’s friend and had agreed to the robbery to repay a debt that he owed.

The suspects drove a Chevy Tahoe SUV to meet the victim at the trailhead.

A few teens hid in the SUV’s cargo area as they waited for the victim to approach the vehicle. Documents say as the victim handed his money through a partially open rear window, the suspects grabbed the cash, then pointed a handgun at the victim’s face while illuminating a flashlight mounted on the gun.

The suspects then allegedly drove away while the victim was “violently pushed and struck in the face and body until (they) fell from the Tahoe.”

Authorities say the teens split the money between themselves while exclaiming, “Their debt was paid!”

The victim’s friend waited until the robbers drove away before running over to help the victim. The teen was reportedly unconscious and having difficulty breathing.

The friend drove the victim to his parent’s house where first responders were contacted. The teen was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital where he died from “massive head trauma sustained during the aggravated robbery.”

Officials say a separate motion is being filed, requesting the suspects remain in the jurisdiction of juvenile court until they are 25 years of age.