The Younger You S2 Ep.09 – Mommy Makeover Part 1


Mommy needs a makeover. Have you ever heard that saying? Well we’re going to follow Melinda as she undergoes two procedures to get a full transformation. Dr. Rose is the doctor that restored Melinda to her “pre-baby” body.

            A mommy makeover includes breast and body contouring. Body contouring involves removing extra fat and removing extra skin and tightening muscles. This makeover brings ladies back to the look they had before they had children. With Melinda, they did a tummy tuck and a breast lift.

The tummy tuck involved the removing and tightening the skin and using liposuction to remove fat.

            A viewer asked: if you have not had children yet, is there anything that you can do while you’re pregnant to prevent having to get a mommy makeover after you give birth? Genetics trumps all on that. Some women give birth to four children and have no stretch marks while other women’s bodies take a toll from carrying only one child.

            Another viewer asked Dr. Rose what type of breast implants he thinks are the best. Before only saline was available, but now we have nice silicon implants. Doctor Rose likes to use textured implants though, because it keeps the implant from sliding towards the armpit. The old silicon implants had many problems that new silicon implants do not have.

            There were over 300,000 breast implants done in America in 2013. That is almost triple the 101,000 that was done in 1997. The reason women get implants and other cosmetic surgeries are definitely multi-factorial. It is partially the pressures that society puts on women, and also just the fact that people like to look good. If a woman is young and already has nice volume to her breast, than Dr. Rose recommend not getting implants.

            Implants will not affect breast-feeding in the future, while a breast lift can potentially slightly damage the gland in the breast that you need to breast-feed.

            Melinda is looking forward to a good tune-up on her body. Melinda has recently lost over 70 pounds. Having kids really played a toll on Melinda’s body, but the weight loss she went through is really what made her feel that she needed this makeover.

            On this episode, Dr. Rose is just giving Melinda her breast augmentation to correct her symmetry and resize her boozums. Tune in next week to see her complete transformation as she undergoes the tummy-tuck as well.

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