In a follow up to one of the first “Utah Success Stories,” we check in with a Utah County company that is enjoying the sweet smell of success. 

Richie Stapler, Co-Founder of fragrance company Pura, is another example of a Utah company combining technology into a product in a new and unique way.

The company might not exist today if they didn’t take the advice of John Richards, former BYU professor and now Owner of Startup Ignition. Richards best advice for new companies? “You can have a great product, but if people don’t want to buy it, that’s a problem. It’s a very, very common experience to build products before talking to customers and then going to the customers and they don’t buy it.

With the advice of Richards fresh in their minds, Stapler of Pura reports “Our original idea is a lot different than this plug-in fragrance dispenser. Our original idea was to go through the heating and cooling system. People didn’t want that. They wanted precise control, but had we not asked our customers, we would have gone down a completely different path and not had any success around it.” 

The twist with Pura is that it isn’t just a technology company with over a dozen patents…Stapler demonstrates how they’ve changed the fragrance experience, all at the touch of your smart phone. “We focus all about the customer experience and ease. You can control scent intensity, you can create custom schedules, you can swap between them as you please. You can control the nightlight experience. You can have thousands of colors to pick from. An awesome feature of the product is that it holds 2 fragrances per device, which means that you can go to sleep with a relaxing lavender and wake up to an energizing citrus.”

The unique combination of technology and fragrance has grabbed the attention of the worldwide fragrance industry. Stapler adds, “When we create fragrances we work with one of the largest perfumer in the world that creates stuff for the biggest brands.”

Why does the sense of smell bring out emotions and memories? Scientific reports find that when you first smell a new scent you link it to a person, a place or event.  What scents trigger your memories? Stapler says “Scent is tied to memory and it’s so powerful. There are so many times where I can think back to the sugar, the bread and the apples for a nice warm apple pie with my Mom. Or it’s at my Grandma’s house, smelling the gardenias, the lavender…it takes me right back.

Pura – Another Utah Success Story.

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