The Street Team busts a move at guitar night and introduces new host


It was a fun day here on Midday, as the CW Street Team joined us. They have a new addition to the team to introduce as well. Alysha tells us that Tyson Romero has replaced Zach as the host, and tells us he is very excited to be part of the Street Team.

Utah’s CW30 Street Team highlights all the awesome things Utah has to offer. Utah is synonymous with adventure, and they incorporate that spirit into everything they do. The Street Team embraces what makes everyone different, and LOVES to see you expressing yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, you are all part of Utah’s CW30 Street Team.

Tyson joined the Street Team for his first Facebook LIVE on Wednesday. The Team went to The Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork. Every fourth Thursday of the month, the theatre hosts an acoustic guitar night where local guitar players can get together, play, and come up with their own original content. Shelby says this is a very fun event that everyone should be part of.

To submit your own expressions, and to see more of what the Street Team does, visit

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