The Justice Files: Where is Curtis Crosby?


SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Curtis Crosby just vanished.

And since late 2014, his family has not heard from him.

South Salt Lake police aren’t sure if Crosby went off the radar or was a victim in a crime. Either way, his family and police are in search of answers.

“Since he’s been missing it’s been like a huge mystery,” said his daughter Jasmine Curtis. “We’ve just been trying to figure out how a person just up and disappears without a trace.”

But that’s what happened. At the time Crosby was 59 years old.  His family last heard from in on Thanksgiving in 2014.

He lived at an apartment on Helm Avenue in South Salt Lake.

But in 2005 he was living in the New Orleans area when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Crosby like thousands of victims was relocated to all parts of the country.

According to his daughter, Utah became Crosby’s new home.
“He was very fascinated with Utah,” said Crosby.  “He’d kept saying a lot about ‘you’ll have to come and see the Mormons.  You’ll just have to see it, the mountains.’  He was very fascinated with Utah but he liked it.”

But in the fall of 2014 Crosby’s actions became odd when Unified police found him camping near an office building in Millcreek. After that, South Salt Lake police went to his home on Helm Avenue.

“An officer found an eviction notice and it was uncertain at the time if that property was occupied,” said Sgt. Oehler.

In 2015, police issued a public appeal in an attempt to locate Crosby.  A few tips trickled in.

“There was a report of a sighting that the gentleman fitting his description was camping in a tent in Orem,” said Sgt. Oehler.

But it was a dead end.  Police scoured homeless shelters and medical clinics with no success.  His mental state is also a concern.

“The reports seem to be that he is having some kind of disorientation,” said his daughter. “I don’t know if it’s the first or second stage of Alzheimer’s.  But if that came about we don’t know when.” 

Crosby was known to pay it forward by helping the homeless, according to his daughter.  Now, she just hopes someone will be kind to them and help her family.

“My sister and I don’t have our parents,” said Crosby.  “Our mom died in 2011.  At least we had closure there.  We are just seeking closure here.”

If anyone has seen Curtis Crosby or knows what happened, contact South Salt Lake police at 801-412-3600.  The Charley Project and Jensen Investigations are also seeking information about Crosby.

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