WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – It’s a moment Isaias Gomez will never forget.

It was 2008 and Gomez came to his mother’s apartment to take her to work.
He said he made several calls on the way there but his mother, Damiana Castillo didn’t pick up.  Once he arrived at the apartments near 4000 South Redwood, she didn’t answer the door.  But Gomez found an extra key.

“The first view of the apartment was a mess,” Gomez said.  “I remember my mom was on the ground, covered with a pillow.”

It was the first time Gomez spoke publicly about his mother’s murder.

He called 911 and police began a murder investigation.  Two years earlier, on the same date, Sonia Mejia was murdered at her apartment.  Both cases remained unsolved.

Soon, investigators linked the murders of both women and they believed the same killer murdered them both.

In 2010, still not knowing who the killer was, prosecutors filed murder charges against a John Doe.   They had evidence but no suspect.

Last week, Salt Lake District Attorney Sim Gill told ABC4 News, the killer has been found in the John Doe case and is under arrest.

“This is an identified person,” Gill said.  “We know where this person is and we are working to bring that person into our jurisdiction.”

A judge sealed the case and Gill said he could not disclose the person’s identity nor offer where he was arrested.

Gomez was unaware of an arrest.

“I’m not angry with the situation,” he said.  “I’m angry for the missing answer, why.”

Gomez hopes one day, he’ll learn the why.  But for now, his focus is to do what his mother wanted him to do.

“I have to do what my mom told me,” he said.  “No matter what happens to me until I’m dead, you have a family to support.”