SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – For more than two decades Stephanie Farrell never returned to the home where her mom dropped her off and vanished.

In December she went there for the first time as her 5-year-old memory came back to life. 

“I stayed on the sidewalk,” Farrell said. “I couldn’t go in.  But I watched from a distance.”

The Utah Cold Case Coalition and a BYU communications professor created a reenactment of Bobbi Ann Campbell’s disappearance.

On December 27, 1994, Campbell dropped her 5-year-old daughter, Stephanie with a babysitter while she ran some errands. Campbell never returned.

Dr. Randle along with his students created a nearly two-minute video and its now being shown on social media.

“It’s just really hard to watch because it feels like she’s leaving all over again every time I do (watch it),” said Farrell.

When Campbell failed to return, Farrell was heartbroken.  She was raised by her great-grandparents.

Campbell’s car was later found abandoned in a neighborhood near 232 South and 1100 West.  To this date, Salt Lake City police still consider it a missing person’s case.

In the reenactment, an actress portraying her mother arrived at the babysitter’s home with Stephanie and a male friend.

“It breaks my heart,” she said.  “I cried the first time when I watched it because I can still see myself crying, watching my mom leave for the last time and not knowing that I’d never see her again.”

The reenactment also showed Campbell going next door where she took money and left.  Police believed she got the money for drugs and left.

Last year, Farrell got a tip from a woman that her mother overdosed and died at a home.

“She told us that my mom’s body was rolled up in a carpet,” Farrel said.  “And they put it in an attic for about a week and then the smell got too strong and they put her into the Jordan River.  She was in the backseat of the car and they pushed her basically from a bridge into the river.”

But Farrell said the woman refused to tell police the same information and Campbell’s case remains unsolved.

“If her story is true, mom’s body was disposed of like trash and that’s not OK for anyone,” she said.

Farrell is hopeful the reenactment will result in someone coming forward with information.

“Nobody wants to get into trouble,” Farrell said.  “And I don’t want anyone to get into trouble.  I just want to bring my mom home.”

To view the reenactment, it’s accessible on several Facebook pages: Missing Bobbi Ann Campbell Help Find Missing Bobbi Campbell Jason Jensen Investigation and the Utah Cold Case Coalition