WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Margo Bond disappeared in February, 1992–though she wasn’t the only one.

Over the following weeks, three young teens also disappeared. At the time, authorities didn’t know the two cases were connected.

Margo Bond was the oldest victim. Her son said that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time because her killer, Roberto Arguelles, arrived at the school where she was working.

“He was there looking for younger victims, like a junior high school girl,” said Ryan Sevier, Bond’s son. “He saw the right opportunity with my little mom.

Arguelles once compared himself to a mad dog. Others called him a rapist and a serial killer.

In February, 1992 Arguelles arrived early at a junior high in West Valley. That’s where Bond, a custodian, just started her day.

“He said there was a little girl out there hurt, come out and help her,” Sevier said. “So my little mom went out to help her and he pulled a knife on her from behind.”

She disappeared, but her car was still in the parking lot. So were her coat and keys.

Police searched both inside and outside the school. Sevier and his brother arrived at the school, talked with police and he sensed it was bad.

“The circumstances told me instantly that something foul had happened,” he said. “Because my mom would never run off.”

Exactly four months later, her remains were found in the west desert of Tooele County.

“It’s actually kind of comforting to actually know instead of not knowing,” Sevier said.

Three years later, police got a tip from prison inmates claiming Arguelles admitted to killing young women.

In the 1980s, Arguelles spent 11 years in prison for raping two girls and attempting to murder one of them. He was paroled in 1991, but returned to prison in late 1992 for sexually molesting two children.

When confronted about the murder claims, Arguelles told authorities he only witnessed the murders and took them to the site. ABC4 was there that August day.

A reporter filed this report: “A stench filled pig farm southwest of the Salt Lake airport may hold the key to a string of disappearances, rapes and murders. Detectives have already dug up two bodies, those of Lisa Martinez and Tuesday Roberts. Now they’re looking for more.”

A former Salt Lake prosecutor recalled what happened next.

“He was somebody known for molesting young women,” said Kent Morgan. “He was just one of the suspects in that case. He was confronted and when he was confronted he confessed to all of the murders.”

Arguelles led authorities to another burial site in Utah county. There, they uncovered the remains of 13-year-old Stephanie Blundell who disappeared in 1992.

“It fits the description,” Undersheriff Jim Bell told reporters at the burial site. “He apparently killed her in this area and buried her up here.

He confessed to murdering Margo Bond. Three weeks later he kidnapped Blundell as she walked to school.
A week later he offered Roberts and Martinez a ride. They were never seen again.

“He already had admitted that he had killed them all,” said Sevier. “They knew that. So how could you say that it was inhumane to execute somebody like that.”

Thursday, the story continues as the fight to execute Arguelles goes sideways.