ROY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Sheree Warren’s headstone lets everyone know she remains missing.

On the headstone is Warren’s name, her birthdate and the day she went missing, October 2, 1985.

“We know that she is not here, but in a way, it’s been designated as a final resting place for her,” said Mary Sorensen in 1992.

Sorensen has since passed away never learning what happened to her daughter.

On October 2, 1985, her parents reported her missing.

“She was training to be a manager in one of those credit unions (in Salt Lake City),” said Ed Sorensen. “She disappeared from that spot as far as we were concerned. She was supposed to pick up her husband.”

But Warren never made it to her ex-husband’s home.
Roy police began investigating in 1985 and learned a month later that her car was found abandoned in Las Vegas.

According to press accounts from that time period, Warren’s boyfriend at the time was a former Ogden police officer. Cary Hartmann was questioned about her disappearance. He claimed Warren never showed up at his apartment in Ogden. Police said he had an alibi.

Yet Warren’s father was always suspicious of Hartmann and claimed his daughter was at Hartman’s place that night.

He said two school teachers lived above Hartmann’s basement apartment and they eventually went to the police.

“A year later, they went to police with the story that they had heard an argument going on,” recalled Sorensen. “They had heard a thud and then no more sound.”

Sorensen also said police returned a small jacket belonging to Warren. He said it was found in Harmann’s apartment.

“She was seen wearing that jacket,” Sorensen said.

It was all circumstantial and Hartmann was never charged.

But two years later, the former police officer was convicted of raping four women in the Ogden area and was sentenced to prison.

At his 2005 parole hearing, Hartmann admitted to also raping Warren. But Sorensen said the crime lab lost the evidence and couldn’t be charged with his daughter’s rape.

There was more at that 2005 parole hearing. Hartmann also agreed to tell authorities about Warren’s disappearance.

“We were hopeful,” Sorensen said.

But then Hartmann changed his mind and wouldn’t talk according to Warren’s father.

“He might have been tormenting my wife,” Sorensen said. “Not me.”

He said he wouldn’t allow Hartmann the satisfaction of knowing they were devastated once again.

For years, Roy police investigated Warren’s disappearance. In a statement emailed to ABC4, a spokesman for the department wrote the following:

“As of this date, Sheree Warren has never been heard from or seen since October 2nd at 5:30 p.m. Between October 3rd, 1985 to the present date, a total of five police agencies have investigated and searched for Sheree. Countless man hours have been poured into finding her whereabouts and or bringing her family, justice and closure about what happened to Sheree (Including her now 37-year-old son).”

The case has since turned cold. Sorensen who is now 87 years old doubts he’ll ever learn what happened to his daughter.

“Sure, I’d love to know what happened,” he said. “But I don’t think I’ll ever find out.”

But he said there is one person who does know, his wife Mary.

“At her viewing, I thought to myself, Mary knows where she’s at,” Sorensen said. “And that probably brought me more comfort than anything else.”

Anyone with information about Warren’s disappearance can contact Roy police at (801) 774-1011.