SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It is a fishing expedition that could help solve the disappearance of a mother in 1994.

Bobbi Ann Campbell disappeared after dropping off her young child with a babysitter. She was never heard from again. Her car was found abandoned near 1200 North and 200 West in Salt Lake City.

Last Sunday, Stephanie Farrell, Campbell’s daughter arranged for a magnet fishing day near where Campbell was believed to have been tossed into the Jordan River.

One of the items found was a set of car keys belonging to a 1980’s GM vehicle. Cambell was driving a 1984 Chevy Nova.

“It kind of sent me into a panic to be honest,” said Farrell. “I couldn’t really pick them up. It brings everything into reality that my mom was probably thrown into the river.”

Farrell was 5 years old when Campbell left her with the babysitter. She still remembers looking out the window as her mother left with a friend.

She is now grown up with a child of her own.

“My kids know all about it,” said Farrell. “It’s hard for them and they don’t understand.”

A private investigator Jason Jensen has attempted other fishing magnet expeditions. He was with Farrell Sunday filming and helping to toss magnets into the river.

“Magnet fishing has been used to collect weapons that have been discarded into the river,” said Jensen.

He said they collected over 33 unspent shell bullets, found a broken knife, part of a dreamcatcher earring and the car keys.

“A friend said (Campbell) wore a dream catcher earring,” said Jensen.

Jensen said he interviewed people who knew of Campbell’s disappearance and spoke anonymously to him. He said the person claimed Campbell overdosed, people panicked and they wrapped her in a carpet and tossed her into the Jordan River near 1200 North and 250 West.

“The dumpsite that one of Bobbi’s friends said was at the corner right over there,” he said pointing upstream. “It’s possible her remains could be here or anywhere up beyond this point.

His theory is the heavy carpet with Campbell inside would have sunk immediately. Jensen is now in contact with volunteer scuba divers in hopes they’ll go beneath the water and search for more clues.

He also turned the bullets over to the police and they’re still trying to confirm the car keys.

“I just want to know what happened,” said Farrell. “It’s been 25 years. I understand we may not be able to find the body at some point but if it was an accident, just come forward and tell us.”

If it was an accident, the statute of limitations for the desecration of a body has expired. The Utah Cold Case Coalition is offering a $3,000 reward for information that will help solve the case.