PROVO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  Morgan Lewis thought she was going to die.

She had just witnessed the murders of Brelynne “Breezy” Otteson and Riley Powell.  Their bodies were then dumped into a mineshaft near Eureka but were recovered about 90 days later.

“I was there,” Lewis said at the outset of her testimony Wednesday.

She pleaded guilty last fall to obstruction of justice and agreed to testify against her then-boyfriend Jerrod Baum who was charged with the murders of Otteson and Powell.

It all began in late December of 2017 when she said Baum was angry that she had a “male” visitor that night while he was away.

“He was a very controlling person,” Lewis said.

She said that Baum was away the night of December 29th and received a message from Powell asking to come over.  It was close to midnight and Powell said he would be over with his girlfriend Otteson.

Lewis testified that the two teens came to the home that she shared with Baum and stayed for about 40 minutes.  But when Baum returned, he found Powell and Otteson outside. 

“He was angry that I had disobeyed him,” she testified.  “He said ‘I told you, you’re not supposed to have guys here.”

Lewis said she had never seen him that angry with her before.

“It felt strange,” Lewis said.

Lewis pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail for obstruction of justice and agreed to testify against her former boyfriend.

She said the two teens were in the back of their vehicle and Baum wanted her to go for a ride with them.  She didn’t know why Powell and Otteson were in the back of the vehicle.

“It was clear something was really wrong,” she said.  “It was really late. Two people were tied up and it was scary.”

She said Powell and Otteson had their hands tied up behind their backs and their ankles were tied up as well. They ended up at the mine near Eureka.

“When I saw the mine and realized even if we listened, it was not going to end well,” Lewis testified. “I thought I was going to die.”

She said Otteson and herself were kneeling near the hole to the mine.  Powell was standing with his hands still tied and facing Baum.  Lewis said he kept yelling expletives at Powell and kept hitting him.

“Riley asked if he could kiss his girlfriend and Breezy said no and started crying,” Lewis testified.

Lewis said Baum kept yelling expletives at Powell and kept hitting him.

“I heard Riley say ‘I’m dying and he was gurgling and that’s when I realized he wasn’t hitting him but stabbing him,” she said.  “It was the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard.”

Then it was Otteson’s turn according to Lewis. She said he walked up to her and began talking to her.

“He crouched down behind her and it seemed like he had his arms around her,” Lewis testified.  “He said ‘it’s OK darling’ and he went shhh. I felt warmth on my leg. It was her blood.”

Lewis said Baum tossed Powell’s body into the mine and then Otteson was also dumped into the mine. But her life was spared. He allegedly told her to get her life together and to move on.

She testified that she remained scared of him after witnessing the murders of her two friends.  She said she helped him cover up some of the evidence.

“He had a grin on his face,” Lewis said.  “He laughed about it.  He said it was like leading lambs to the slaughter. They didn’t even fight.

She testified that she did not cooperate with authorities because she was scared of him. But later she felt guilty and wanted to give their families closure.

Lewis was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in the Utah County jail for obstruction of justice.  She has since been transferred to the Sanpete County jail.

Baum’s preliminary hearing will continue Thursday, but the judge is not expected to rule whether Baum should stand trial until a later date.