SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Elizabeth Salgado’s two front teeth were missing.
It indicates she may have tried to fight off her abductor before she disappeared in 2015.

Three years later, her remains were found in a remote area of Hobble Creek Canyon in Utah County. Her killer has never been found.

Friday, her mother confirmed that law enforcement told her that her two front teeth were missing.

“If her tooth was missing that means she was trying to fight for her life and be able to defend herself,” said uncle, Rosenberg Salgado.

It’s the first time the public has learned about Elizabeth’s last few minutes of life.

A private investigator has also been looking into Salgado’s unsolved murder. Jason Jensen received a copy of Salgado’s last text from a family member.

“From the last text that she sent to her sister, her sister asked her what she was doing,” Jensen said.  

It was a text written in Spanish and Jensen shared the text with ABC4 and it showed Salgado allegedly claiming she had just left school.

“That was not her style, she was always very affectionate when she was talking to her sisters and to any of her family members,” said Salgado who also has a copy of the final text.

He like Jensen doesn’t believe that last text was sent by Salgado.

“We believe it was her attacker and it was intended to throw off her sister that things were fine,” said Jensen.

Her uncle said Elizabeth’s text messages were more personal and affectionate. He said the text lacked her touch.

“So writing that short message, it’s an indication that it’s not even her and that’s why my niece, Sarah, when she got the message was like, ‘this doesn’t sound like my sister,'” Salgado said.

Elizabeth Salgado was in Provo for about 18 days before she disappeared.  She arrived from Mexico and spoke very little English.

Based on that information, Jensen developed a profile of who the killer may be.
He claims the killer:

  • speaks Spanish and maybe a Caucasian or Hispanic
  • is known to Elizabeth, possibly infatuated with her
  • the killer may be from her small circle of social friends found at her church, the language school, the apartment or at work.

“Her pool of friends and associates and acquaintances was small,” Jensen said.

But he also said there may also be another layer of “friends” that knew Elizabeth.  He said people from that small group may also have their own friends who were interested in Elizabeth.

“If anyone knows anything about someone who may have had an interest in Elizabeth, we’re asking them to come forward,” Jensen said.

Law enforcement also concedes Elizabeth may have known her killer.  That’s based on the fact no one saw any type of confrontation between a woman and another person at that time of day in Provo.

“She probably got into the car with someone she knew,” her uncle said.

But after that, it turned deadly for Elizabeth.

A spokesman for the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said the investigation remains an unsolved crime.

They welcome any tips that will lead to Elizabeth Salgado’s killer.

Anyone with information should contact the Utah County sheriff’s office.

Jensen said he also welcomed any information.  He can be contacted through Facebook.


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