SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A successful businessman with a dark secret.

Doug Saltsman, the CEO of a software company was caught downloading child pornography, and Thursday he appeared before a judge. He pleaded guilty to the crime and will remain behind bars.

Saltsman got a break from the judge, he’ll be serving time in jail, not prison.

 “Every day I wake up ashamed, guilt, regret and disgusted I think about this, how ashamed I am,” said Saltsman.

Doug Saltsman’s fall from grace is now complete. He founded a company called which deals with cryptocurrency and is based in Sandy.

But one year ago, the state’s internet crime task force raided his home after their investigation offered evidence Saltsman is downloading child pornography.

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The evidence they find on his computers led to multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Appearing before a judge, Saltsman admitted to the charges and opened up about his sexual gratification with viewing images of children.

“I didn’t understand why I would do these things. I started seeing a psychiatrist right after that and was prescribed medication and began therapy,” said Saltsman.

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During the raid at his home, authorities find thousands of images of children, videos of bestiality sex acts and videos of Saltsman raping a woman who is unconscious.

Prosecutors claim Saltsman refuses to understand the gravity of his crime.

“Real children were hurt, and they were sexually abused to create these images,” said Cynthia Poulson, Deputy Attorney General.

But his attorney maintains therapy turns Saltsman around.

“I wasn’t able to see the victims; I saw it as only affecting myself. Now I see the victims. I just want to continue getting help.”

As for the unconscious woman Saltsman video-recorded, his attorney says it’s his girlfriend who doesn’t want to press charges.

Saltsman is facing one to 15 years in prison for each count, but the judge ordered him to spend 210 days in the county jail and a warning.

 “If there are new offenses or if it looks like you are not trying do not expect the court to be merciful when you come back and it looks like you’re not trying,” said Judge Douglas Hogan.

The former CEO promises to make amends.

“I want to be able to repair the damage that I’ve done.  That I see what I’ve done. I want to be able to see myself in mirror and I am sorry.”

But Saltsman got another break.  The judge gave him credit for time served, meaning he could be out of jail in 62 days.