The Justice Files: A dangerous man?


UPDATE: At a hearing on June 13, a judge revoked for Jace Zeeman. He is now in the Utah County pending a murder trial.

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Jace Zeeman may be running out of chances with the judicial system.

He was charged with murder in 2017 and bailed out of jail. But since that crime, Zeeman has had numerous run-ins with the law and some are concerned about his and their safety.

“When he’s backed into a corner, I don’t know what he’s going to do,” said a family friend who did not want to be identified.

Those who know the 29-year-old are worried about his next step.

Two years ago, he was accused of beating and killing his step-father, Brandon Bourgeois with a punch to the head.

“Nobody saw that coming, no,” said the friend. “That? Certainly not.”

He was charged originally with manslaughter but it was later elevated to murder. Then, he bailed out of jail.

But ever since that incident at Bourgeois’ home, Zeeman’s life has been on a downard spiral.

About the same time as the murder, Zeeman was facing several charges tied to domestic violence in South Jordan. He was forced to wear an ankle monitor.

Last year, a drunk driving charge was reduced to impaired driving in Midvale Justice Court. A jail sentence was suspended as long as he stayed out of trouble.

But he didn’t. This year, Zeeman was charged with a felony for wildlife violations.
Then there’s another assault charge this spring involving domestic violence. Recently, he failed to appear for a hearing, prompting a warrant for his arrest.
To date, the courts have remained silent about Zeeman’s behavior over the past 18 months and he remains a free man.

A former prosecutor and now a defense attorney said the court could be running out of patience with Zeeman.

“Is there a point that the court will no longer presume somebody innocent because of the number of charges against him and this appears to be such a case,” said Kent Morgan.

He said the Midvale Justice Court case involving impaired driving could result in Zeeman going to jail right away.

“The court will require the defendant appear for a hearing and determine whether he’s violated the conditions of the court’s supervised probation,” Morgan said. “If he has, then the court’s can revoke his custody status and hold him in jail.”

The family friend said Zeeman should go to jail for his own safety.

“He could do it (suicide) to himself,” said the friend. “He could do it to others. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But we would regret it if it does occur.”

To date, Zeeman has not been arrested on the outstanding warrant. A spokesperson at Midvale Justice Court said the city prosecutor has filed a motion for an order to show cause. Zeeman will have to appear and explain the violations he’s accused of committing since his sentence was imposed in December 2018.

Meanwhile, in Utah County, the murder case is getting the attention of the district attorney’s office. it requested a hearing later this month to review Zeeman’s bail.

Calls to Zeeman’s attorney were not returned.


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