The Giving Grinch brings magical news to Utah family hit with terrible news


SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Emotion was high in a South Jordan neighborhood on Sunday. A day filled with joy, sadness and lots of tears.

A 31 year old mom dying from cancer, her husband and their two little girls, find out they’re going to Disneyland to spend her last time on earth, all together.

While the Bath family were at church, loving neighbors prepared the big surprise. Good friend Sheena Rose found out about the terminal cancer from the dying moms daughter. Rose says, “The 4 year old came to me and told me that her mom was going to heaven. So that’s when I knew I had to step in.”

There was dead silence as the family walked in from church. In shock were Mom, 31 year old, Kenzie Bath, with just months to live, husband Jeff, 4 year old Aubrey and 19 month old Brynnly. Kenzie read the gift. A trip to Disneyland. Kenzie told us, “One of my last big things I want in my life is to spend time with my kids they just mean the world to me and to be able to spend time at Disneyland. To see the happiness on their faces and its one of my favorite places. It’s amazing, It’s a lot of work to put this together and I’m so grateful. It’ll be really good memories “

Sheena Rose says, “It sucks, cancer sucks. It rules your life. So I hope when they’re there, they forget about everything else and everything that’s going on. So I just know that when you’re going through it   you want to get away, you want a vacation somewhere where you don’t think about it and Disneyland is somewhere where you forget about everything.”

Kenzie says, “It’s really hard news to hear that I don’t have a lot left, a lot of time left with my family. We don’t know when that times gonna be but it’s just such a blessing to be able to spend the time with them and being together somewhere as a family, getting our one on one time together and being in a really happy place and having really good memories. I want them to remember me and the good times we had.”

Kenzie Bath’s neighbor who organized all this runs a nonprofit charity called ‘The Giving Grinch’. If you’d like to help them you can visit their website at  or

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