The gift of self-care and find your calm


Thank you LaVonne Wells Sandberg! The spiritual Teacher, Love Activist, and Global Speaker motivated us to find the power and gift of self-care. LaVonne says self-care is essential for creating inner peace, especially during these times of uncertainty. Here are her tips:

·         Self-care is the key to creating calm and inner peace in your environment

·         Stop avoiding…develop a true relationship with yourself

·         Conscious sitting, breathing, and self-reflection is your superpower

·         There are many tools you can use to assist in the self-care process and one of the main tools is breathing. Take time to be in your breath for 2 to 3 minutes at a time.

LaVonne is offering an in-depth self-care workshop via Zoom, at a special pricing of $49 for a limited time, for 11 viewers. The purpose of the number of participants is to create a safe, intimate, and personal experience.

Benefits from attending:

·         Experience peace and more positive results in every area of life.

·         Discovering self-care produces clarity and focus, especially during times of uncertainty.

·         Develop an authentic relationship with themselves.

·         Access their superpower of calm through sitting, breathing, and self-reflection.

·         Develop tools and a system to implement daily in supporting their continual journey of self-discovery.


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