Michael McLean of The Forgotten Carols was in studio today, with a big announcement. This is a tradition so many look forward to each year, and we’ve all been worried it may not happen in 2020 due to COVID. But Michael tells us to rest assured, you can still see the beloved story…on screen!

Last Christmas Michael says they changed the whole script, and audiences responded so positively, they’d been looking forward to getting even more people in to see it. What better way to do that than with fifteen camera angles, and a top notch script, tweaked expertly by Michael’s son, Scott?

The Forgotten Carols has been a tradition for twenty-eight years, and now those who have always longed for a front row seat will have one! Filmed in Cedar City at the Heritage Theater only four weeks ago, it was beautifully captured and ready to be seen on November 20th in selected theatres.

The message of this beautiful piece is, “don’t be so scared”, and this current story is so full of special moments, you’ll find it just may be more important this year more than ever.

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