The Cokeville Miracle survivors describe how the film depicts their faith building crisis

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – You can now witness the recreation of a modern day miracle. A new movie just came out over the weekend that shows a group of children who survived a deadly hostage situation. ABC 4 Utah spoke with some of the children the film is based on. They explain they believe God saved their lives.

A new movie is out in theatres that retells a modern day miracle. Based on real events in 1986, the film – “The Cokeville Miracle” tells the story how a group of elementary school children in Wyoming were taken hostage.

“I instantly had a not good feeling, when we lined up and went into the room, it was like a wall of evil,” said Kristie Nelson, Cokeville survivor.

ABC 4 Utah recently spoke with several of the now grown up children who survived.

“It’s like taking the most traumatic event in your life and reliving it, and then not only realizing you get to relive it but all your peers that maybe didn’t know, are going to know what you went through and they’re going to ask and they’re going to want you to relive it,” said Katie Payne, Cokeville survivor.

With all the children and teachers gathered in one classroom, the couple taking them hostage detonated a bomb.

The couple died, but all of the children made it out alive; many of them describe seeing angels.

“What I didn’t tell you that there were other people in the room with us. What other people? The ones all in white,” said two actors in the film.

“There’s a young boy who talks about how it was like lightbulbs in the room when he saw angels, it was like light bulbs that were actually light up,” said Lori Cronger, Cokeville survivor.

Many of the survivors have since come to believe God was protecting them.

“I think it shaped how I became strong in my faith, I just knew there was a higher power and that there was someone that loved me that was not in that room that day,” said Jenni Johnson, Cokeville survivor.

“We’re living miracles that there’s a plan, and so you just have to take that, and even going through that it’s hard it’s really hard,” said Payne.

“I think God’s thumbprint is everywhere, it’s in everybody’s lives,” said Cronger.

If you’d like to learn more about the movie, click on this link to the film on the Cokeville Miracle Facebook page.


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