The battle of opioid addiction for men and women in uniform


WASHINGTON D.C. (ABC4 News)- Opioid addiction is not just a civilian problem.  Men and women in uniform are victims of the opioid epidemic, as well.  This week the President signed a new law designed to help end the opioid National Health Crisis. 

Trump’s signature on the “Support For Patients And Communities Act” provides much-needed ammunition to battle the opioid epidemic.

The new law will spend billions on new federal programs including increased support for military veterans and those on the front lines.  

North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson says prevention is a critical step toward helping opioid addicted service members and veterans.

“Particularly in DOD hospitals and the VA. We’ve had big problems in the VA where in the past opioids were overprescribed,’” said Hudson.

Addiction is a very complicated issue. It’s going to take a comprehensive approach.

The Support Act is one of many ways federal leaders plan to combat the crisis. The Department of Veterans Affairs boosted its efforts to limit opioid prescriptions and use alternatives for pain relief.

Hudson says there are efforts underway to also improve access to treatment.

“A lot of cases like in Fayetteville we are contracting out to private treatment facilities to try to get the beds we need to our veterans,” he said.

Lawmakers say the fight isn’t over but they are committed to making sure those who served our country have the resources they need.

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