WEST JORDAN (ABC4 News) “Position! Courtesy! AYAHHHHH!” Sounds normally heard inside Bobby Lawrence Karate Schools all over the state. Except now. Coronavirus put a stop to large gatherings, and most sports activities. No one wants to risk COVID-19

In true never give up martial art spirit Bobby Lawrence’s Jeff Vincent realized he was going to have to close his school to the public. He wanted to do his part to keep the students, their parents, family members and anyone they came in content safe. He made a bold choice to take classes virtual.

“The ones who are doing it are loving it, we got great response from their parents.” -Jeff Vincent

His choice has now been adopted by the entire franchise and is proving to at least give the martial arts schools a fighting chance against coronavirus.

“It’s a challenge, I am trying to do my best to keep things afloat and going..just realizing everyone is in the same position and we will just pick up the pieces after it’s over.” -Jeff Vincent

He told ABC4 News how it seemed odd to him to teach without the students in class, how he has to mute the kids so they can all hear him, and now he has to deal with trying to maintain discipline while dealing with the quirks at home.

The classes help keep the schools going but have an amazing benefit for Utah kids stuck in their homes. It gets them moving. Keeps both their minds and bodies engaged. Parents have been enthusiastic about the classes, and some are even helping and taking part themselves.

“If you don’t move, it’s not healthy for you.” -Jeff Vincent

Because tele-karate has been so great for the kids, Bobby Lawrence Karate is offering two free weeks to give kids and parents the chance to get the benefits of the activity at home. To find out more information go to

Jeff Vincent says the most important thing for everyone is to get involved with something at home not just for your brain, but keep moving!

For more information about tele-karate contact your local Bobby Lawrence School. Click for registration in a tele-karate class

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