PROVO Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – 18 year old Carlos Manuel Felix was arrested earlier this month for sexually exploiting some of his classmates.

Provo police said Felix and his victims attended Provo high school. Police learned that Felix was soliciting other students in order get nude pictures of male students.

“(He) then showed and distributed those photos to other students at the high school.” said Lt. Brandon Post of the Provo Police Department.

According to a police probable cause statement, Felix had nude pictures of at least 4 male students. Witnesses claimed they’d seen 30 nude pictures sent by Felix, but their identities were unknown.

“He was a student,” said Caleb Price of the Provo School District. “He currently is not. He is no longer a student. He withdrew.”

The district said those students who have been identified are receiving counseling to help them through this crisis. Police said none of the victims knew they were being photographed by someone. Police said Felix tried coercing a female student in to snapping nude pictures of male students for him, but it didn’t end well for her.

“He was actively recruiting other students to try and get photographs for him,” said Lt. Post.

“A female student refused and that’s when he assaulted her.” The police arresting document claimed Felix of “biting her arm and striking her body causing her pain and bruising” when she refused. He then allegedly took it upon himself to get nude pictures.

“From what we know he was either getting them from fictitious on line accounts or other students.” said Price.

Provo police said Felix didn’t post any of the nude pictures on the internet. According to the probable cause statement the pictures were for his “sexual gratification.” One other person accused of helping Felix was also arrested in connection to this case, but Lt. Post said he is a juvenile.

Felix was released from jail and has yet to be charged. A Utah County prosecutor said that they are gathering more evidence and expect to file felony charges against him next week.