(ABC4) – One app on your iPhone may be causing your battery to drain – a lot – after updating it to iOS 15.

According to a report, numerous iPhone users have taken to social media with complaints about Spotify appearing to drain their phone’s battery after updating to iOS 14.8 or 15. Some users are reporting anywhere between 20% to 30% of their battery usage from Spotify.

Here is a look at one user’s battery drain by Spotify over 24 hours. You can check yours by going to Settings -> Battery.

Some iPhone users are reporting Spotify is draining their battery – between 20 and 30% for many – after the latest iOS update. (ABC4)

A notice from Spotify says a “relevant team” is currently looking into the issue. While developers review the issue, Spotify offers the following options to address it:

The music platform also encourages users to keep their app up-to-date for the latest fixes.