UTAH (ABC4) – Teacher turnover, shortages and vacancies have become a problem in some Utah school districts. The Utah State Legislature recently released their annual audit on Utah schools. Here’s the districts that have struggled the most in the past few years.

Wayne school district has seen the highest turnover of teachers. Up to 18% for 2021.

One possible reason for this is because Wayne school district has one of the lowest pay wages for teachers in the state. A minimum pay of 39,000 annually for those with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum pay of 43,000 for those with a master’s degree.

Daggett school district has had the most shortages of teachers. Reporting a 33% shortage for 2021.

Multiple school districts reported having teacher vacancies which had to be filled by substitutes, administrators, or other teachers.

This has included Washington, Cache, Tooele, Davis, Jordan, and Weber school districts.

A survey was taken at some school districts and Weber teachers were some of the most dissatisfied with their career/employer. 46% reported feeling neutral, 23% reported being dissatisfied while 15% reported being highly dissatisfied.

Teachers reported they wanted more admin support and more teacher aids.

The number one response to why teachers leave and how to get them to stay? Better pay.