Take part in a 30-day challenge with ‘My Hearing Centers’


People who have hearing loss can become isolated and they tend to withdraw socially.  Recent studies have shown there is a direct correlation between these factors and anxiety, depression, dementia, stroke, heart attack and even Alzheimer’s.

So, hearing loss involves much more than just turning up the TV, or asking people to repeat themselves.

Treating hearing loss really is all about improving the quality of life, and in some cases lengthening that life.

Dr. Enoch Cox, Au.D., an audiologist with My Hearing Centers joined Midday with how hearing aid technology is better than ever.

Today’s hearing aids do much more than amplify sound.  They can help a person hear conversations in noisy, crowded environments like restaurants.

My Hearing Centers needs you to take part in a special program called the 30-day challenge.  My Hearing Centers is seeking 50 people who have problems hearing to evaluate a new hearing instrument called Activus.  Activus is a newly released, 100 percent digital, high-definition hearing device.

To get involved, call My Hearing Centers at (801) 506-6335. 

Hearing consultations will be held at no charge at My Hearing Centers locations. Participants will try hearing aids risk-free for 30 days.


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