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A near-miss caught on camera in Australia is being used as a warning for train commuters.

A woman in Australia is lucky to be a live thanks to the heroic efforts of officers who barely saved her from a speeding train.

Surveillance video released by Victoria Police, shows the woman walk across the tracks. Protective service officers on the platform immediately grab her and pull her to safety just as an arriving train passes by.

Officers involved in the rescue said it was the closest they’d come to seeing someone hit by a train. They’re hoping the release of the video will teach others a valuable lesson.


Everyone good and tense? This will calm you down. Deep sea researchers prowling the Pacific Ocean for the past three years have made some bizarre finds.

Look at this Deepstria jellyfish spotted off of Mexico’s coast. The impressive pattern on the jelly’s body is actually part of its digestive process.

The crew of the E/V Nautilus used a remotely operated vehicle to capture the video. The creature even got to star in its own light show courtesy of the ROV’s laser imaging system.

The unit also captured video of a rare Vampire Squid. Its full name is Vampyroteuthis infernalis—which translates to “Vampire Squid From Hell”.

More impressive videos and expedition details can be found at Nautiluslive.org

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