Suspects in Kearns gang shooting, deaths had history of court violations


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Two of the suspects involved in a gang shooting had a history of violating court orders.

One had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, according to court records.

The shooting left two innocent people dead.  Unified Police said the getaway vehicle used by the four suspects crashed into a vehicle.  Lloyd Pace and his fiance Tammy Woodard were in that car and were killed.

“She (sister of Lloyd) is broken up, the whole family is,” said Jana Pace, a relative.  “(It was) so sudden and senseless.”

Pace said after hearing of the deaths his sister was rushed to the hospital.

“She (sister) had a heart attack after hearing the news,” Pace said.  “Her mother had passed less than a month ago.”

Four suspects, including a juvenile, were arrested and booked into jail for murder and firing their weapons.  

But court records showed there was an outstanding warrant for 19-year old Argenis Ramirez Saedt.  He was charged last year for bringing a gun to school but then failed to show up in court for his preliminary hearing in June.  A warrant was issued for his arrest.

A second suspect Jose Munoz-Lugo was charged two different times for graffiti, running from the law and vehicle burglary.
Court records showed he had a history of failing to show up for court hearings and jail bookings and violating probation.  While on probation for his first crime, Munoz-Lugo was arrested for vehicle burglary.

Despite the warrant, Ramirez-Saedt was never arrested until Tuesday on the night of the shooting and the deaths of Pace and Woodard.  Munoz-lugo served two months in jail for all his violations.

“Your assessment that he’s been slapped on the hand and been permitted to scoff at the criminal justice system is accurate and its a mistake,” said Kent Morgan, a former prosecutor and now a defense attorney.  “And to wait until somebody dies is a great tragedy.”

Lloyd Pace’s former sister-in-law was angered when ABC4 told her about the suspect’s criminal history.

“I think its ridiculous,” said Jana Pace.  “I think these kids are getting slaps on the hands and if they keep getting slaps on the hands, they’re going to keep doing this. I think the judges need to put their foot down and draw the line and put them in jail. They failed us.”

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