WASHINGTON CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Officers located 20-year-old Ivan Rosenberg-Johnson, a suspect for a string of violent attacks a man endured while attending a party. 

On July 4, law enforcement was made aware of an assault victim who had been transported to St. George Regional Hospital. 

While speaking to authorities, the victim relayed that he had been at a residence in Washington City where he was targeted by several men following a disagreement. Security footage showed the victim was first confronted in the backyard of the residence and was attacked by three men who violently punched him until onlookers broke up the encounter. 

A second fight took place in the street in front of the residence where six men came back to assault the victim for a second time. This encounter was captured by onlookers’ phones which were then shown to police. 

Officers have confirmed that the victim was defenselessly laying on the ground while the suspects continue to punch and kick him. As the assault takes place, one of the men is seen approaching the victim and stabbing him twice in the side.

While carrying out an investigation of the assaults, Rosenberg-Johnson was visible in both videos of the attacks. In the first video, Rosenberg-Johnson is seen punching the victim rapidly and kicking him while another man holds him down. In the second video, he visibly kicks the victim once and punches him three times while he lies on the ground. 

Law enforcement located Rosenberg-Johnson on July 6 and detained him for questioning, where he denied having participated in the assault. 

Video footage of the attacks was found during a search of Rosenberg-Johnson’s hotel room. 

Due to his unlawful actions which resulted in serious injuries, Rosenberg-Johnson was charged on one count of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.