Survivor teaches women to fight back


ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) – January is Self-Defense Awareness month, and a woman who was attacked in her Salt Lake City home by an intruder is continuing her fight to help others.

Bre Lasley thought her life was over when she was stabbed multiple times by a man who climbed into her bedroom window. Self defense, she says, saved her life.

“He stabbed me right here, right here, and here. And my lower abdomen, and in my leg,” said Lasley pointing to her stab wounds. “That’s what saved us that night. As soon as Kayli came upstairs and was physically fighting our attacker, that’s when I knew I needed to physically fight back as well, and that’s what saved more time for a police officer to come and save us,” said Lasley.

That police officer was Ben Hone. He heard Lasley sister’s scream, entered the home, and shot and killed 48-year-old Robert Berger as he held a knife up to Lasley’s throat.

“In our case they said 80 percent of women don’t fight back. I’ve taken seven self defense classes, and my story is the importance of teaching self defense,” said Lasley.

But Lasley said her fight wasn’t over after her attacker was dead, and her life saved.

“The emotional fight was in a lot of ways, a lot harder than my physical fight with my attacker. He took my self worth, he took my self confidence, he took my independence,” said Lasley.

She learned that sharing her story helped and founded ‘Fight Like Girls’ “My physical fight with my attacker was the jump start of my real fight. And that’s why I started Fight Like Girls, because I want girls everywhere to know the importance of fighting back. As soon as you’re at your rock bottom, you have to choose to keep fighting. Keep fighting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Do those things to protect yourself to get out of your rock bottom,” said Lasley.

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