Surgery For Dog Stabbed In Neck And Head

MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) A 13 year old German Shepherd named Wagner underwent surgery Monday to repair at least 7 stab wounds to his neck and head.
He was found by his owner Randy Price lying in a pool of blood in the garage of his Taylorsville home last Friday. Price thinks he was attacked by an intruder trying to break into the home.
He’s in shock and hoping the retired guard dog makes a full recovery because he considers Wagner his child. “He’s very sweet and loving. Just an awesome dog. You can’t help but love him.”
He can’t imagine what type of person would do this. “I just can’t understand how somebody can look that guy in the face and, at the same time, stab him with a knife.”
Doctors at the BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Midvale have been working all weekend to keep Wagner alive. Monday he was stable enough to undergo surgery to clean the debris around his wounds, but they also found some stones in his urinary tract so they took care of that as well.
Dr. Vicki Campbell performed Monday’s surgery. “While he’s under anesthesia for the neck wounds, we’re going to just go ahead and do bladder surgery on him and get everything taken care of.”  She hopes to “make him in tip top shape again.”
Dr. Jordan Scherk at the same hospital says Wagner is old in dog years and it may take a long time for him to fully recover, but he is optimistic.
Unified Police say they are investigating this is an attempted burglary and are looking for suspects.
Wagner’s human companion Randy Price hopes they make an arrest. He says, “we do have a couple of suspects they’re looking at. I hope they catch them and I hope justice is done. Not for my sake, but for his sake.”  

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