SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Summit County man has been charged with criminal homicide in connection with the shooting death of his roommate and tenant.

James Kip Ramsdell, 58 is accused of shooting and killing 50-year-old John Krieg of Park City on Oct. 7. A woman walking her dog on Countryside Circle in Highland Estates, near I-80 spotted Krieg’s body lying in the grass.

After the Summit County’s Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, Ramsdell came out of a nearby home with a gunshot wound to his hand. After receiving medical care for his wound, deputies detained Ramsdell for questioning.

Investigators found Krieg had been living in a basement apartment in the home where his body was found. Ramsdell lives in the upper level of the same home, the Sheriff’s Office explains.

Investigators had determined Krieg, Ramsdell, and a third person living in the same home had been up late drinking alcohol. Krieg and the unidentified witness were renting part of the home from Ramsdell. It is believed Krieg and Ramsdell had been roommates for at least a year.

According to Sheriff Justin Martinez, the Krieg and the other individual had remained downstairs, drinking, while Ramsdell had gone upstairs. At some point, Ramsdell asked the other two to quiet down but allegedly resumed drinking. A verbal argument ensued and a handgun was introduced, Sheriff Martinez explained.

The argument continued upstairs and before heading outside, Sheriff Martinez said Ramsdell appears to have shot himself in the hand. As the altercation continued outside, investigators have determined it became physical and Ramsdell allegedly shot and killed Krieg.

Authorities say Krieg’s body was laying in the yard for about two hours before they were notified.