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Zipline Utah proves dreams can come true, with hard work and capital from Lendio

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) Imagine going over 55 miles an hour over water…not in a boat, not in a plane, but on a zipline. 

Utah has over 40 state parks and they all offer something a little different. Eugene Swalberg of the Utah State Parks says, “At Deer Creek State Park folks may know about boating for fishing and for camping, but what they don’t know about is Zipline Utah.

What started as a childhood dream has turned into a reality. A dream that Jon Johnson, entrepreneur and creator of Zipline Utah, loves to share.  “Our slogan is Zipline – Where Family Happens. I come from a large family and we had lots of these experiences growing up. What I really wanted to do is provide something for families to come and play.”

With Mount Timpanogos in the background, the Zipline Utah experience sends you over Deer Creek Reservoir at 55 miles per hour making it the longest zipline over water in the world.  As a side note, the record speed at Zipline Utah has been just a touch over 80 miles per hour.

Jon Johnson has put a lot of thought into Zipline Utah. “I came up with the idea that you don’t need elevation to zipline. You can actually zipline from tower to tower and create a course, a continuous course out of it.”

Part of the uniqueness of Zipline Utah is the beautiful surroundings because of a mutually beneficial partnership with the Utah State Parks. Swalberg reports that “Private business can offer things that the state parks can’t. They can have a wider variety such as zip lining.” 

Of course, for any dream to become a reality you need hard work…and working capital. Hard work is something that Johnson is no stranger to. He personally help build the majority of the towers. Lending broker, Lendio, was instrumental getting Zipline Utah the working capital.  

Johnson appreciates the help. “We work pretty extensively with Lendio. They help keep us on track. They give us financial path guidelines to what to do to be successful.” 

Skylar Swallow, Director of Sales Franchising for Lendio commented, “Jon’s dream is to grow his business, to expand, to make this a name stake in Utah. As he adds more adventures to his business we’ll be right beside him.”

Looking at the network of towers, bridges, and of course ziplines, it is easy to see “what” Zipline Utah is. The bigger thing for Johnson is the “why” of what he does. “It really comes down to the little kids or adults that are like ‘I’m afraid of heights. I’m terrified. This really scares me.’ And by the time they are done the smile on their face saying, ‘I’m not afraid of heights anymore. This was a blast and I want to do it again.’ That is really what I live for at the end of the day.

With Zipline Utah – Another Utah Success Story.

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