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(ABC4 NEWS – SANDY, UTAH) They’ve been around for thousands of years. Some of them are intricate works of art. Some…not so much. What are we talking about? Tattoos.

The attitudes and prevalence of tattoos has changed in recent years. The stats are impressive.  Jack Savage shared some numbers with me. He told me; “There are roughly 70 million people in the U.S. that have at least one tattoo. Around 14 million have some type of regret. Regret doesn’t necessarily mean they want it removed. They may just want to change it, modify it.”

Jack has a length resume in medical technology. His latest venture is being the CEO of Utah-based Tatt2Away. Their claim to fame is that they have the patent for the only non-laser tattoo removal system in the country.

Dominic Nielsen wants to modify one of his tattoos. He met with Jazz Wilkey, National Trainer for Tatt2Away. 

As Wilkey was working on Dominic she says; “It was a really large black tattoo. It was not done well. He wants a full sleeve and we needed to break up the existing pattern, so he can have a better, larger tattoo that is more intricate.”

Dominic showed me a detailed tattoo at the top of his arm and explained that each of his planned “superhero sleeve” represented his kids and other family members. He also showed me the tattoo that was being altered. He said; “It was the batman logo with my oldest boy’s name in it. But when he grew up he became a Spiderman fan, so it defeated the purpose of what I wanted, and Nobody could get it covered up.”

The unique process uses a series of circles to isolate tattoo ink. Jack went into more details; “The superficial abrasion of the epidermis combined with our treatment fluid tepersol, which is a proprietary fluid, it essentially activates the body’s own natural healing process, the area heals from the bottom up and then the sides in and when the scab forms it’s drawing the ink out of the body into the scab. Essentially you wind up with new skin.”

Why does Savage do what he does? “I really like the challenge of trying to change things out there for the better. Life changes. Relationship changes. Name changes for various tattoos. Just the passage of life.”

With this new technology your tattoo can change too.

Life is never boring!

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.Utah Success Stories is made possible by the generous support of Finance Peak, the ticket to your finance needs.


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