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Why custom suits and custom shirts?

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(ABC4 NEWS — SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Tucked away in downtown Salt Lake City is a place that celebrates old-world style.

I met Adam Malmborg, co-founder of Tailor Cooperative at his shop in the historic Artscape Pierpont building. He explained; “This building is an old farmers market.”

There is phrase that I’m really big on, “Remember where you came from.” Adam’s story is pretty interesting. “Back in the 1800s my family were bag makers and also tailors out in Switzerland and Germany” he said with a smile.

Adam is proud to be continuing his family heritage of creating custom suits and shirts. What is the difference between getting a “off the rack” suit or shirt versus custom or “tailored”? Adam put it this way; “It’s something that you are going to keep for a very long time. And something that you can truly make yours. Something that was the case for hundreds of years and up to fifty years ago kind of died out. So we are wanting to bring that back now.”

True confession, my Mother was a sewing teacher when I was a kid, so I know a couple things about fabrics and the importance of correct fit. Coming to Tailor Cooperative to get a custom suit and shirt was pretty thrilling for me. I’m ready to go have some fun on the customization.

The sheer volume of choices is incredible. Adam showed various books of fabric swatches. He told me they have about 15,000 fabrics available. I have a pretty good feel of what I like fashion-wise and put together a Pinterest board to give Adam a starting place to direct me to. If you don’t quite know what you want, don’t be daunted, they can help guide you.

I asked him to walk me through the process of what someone coming in for the first time would experience. Adam said, “We’ll spend about an hour and a half with them. We will walk them through all the fabrics and all the choices. Figure out what they need the suits for. Then we go through the customization. We go through the linings, we go through buttons, we go through the design of the garments. Then we go through the measurements. So we talk about a lot of how you want it to fit and then four to six weeks later we have you come back. We have everything for you to try on and if there are any tweaks or any changes we will go through them at that time.”

The magic of television mean that time has passed and back for the unveiling of my custom suit and my custom shirt.

My heart raced as he opened the suit bag and showed me all the various customizations I had selected. He pointed to various points of my tailored creation with the finesse of a tour guide. “We’ve got functional surgeon cuffs here.

We’ve got a handmade Milanese button hole here. We’ve got just a little piece back here on the Melton which is fun little hidden piece. This is a great lining, this is going to be very breathable. These buttons have a little of blue, gold and brown. Fabric on the back of this vest as well. Here are the pants as well. If you feel this, this is a little piece of rubber to keep the shirt tucked in.”

Both my custom suit and my custom shirt (check out the guy wearing the hat on the fabric) looked gorgeous.

Even better, they both fit perfectly. Nothing like attention to detail.

Adam’ tailor ancestors would be proud.

With another Utah Success Story, and a custom-tailored suit, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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