What does a Shark and a Unicorn have in common?

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A wooden stool created as a Christmas gift for Judy Edwards friends and neighbors in St. George, Utah, has created a unique business that helps people, well, do their business.

Her son and co-founder, Bobby Edwards shows us the original version; “Put it together and mom’s like: This is it. This is the one. So, this was the original poop stool.”

Judy Edwards told us with a grin that they were playing with slogan lines for their new startup; “Changing the way America Poops one stool at a time. And as we wrote that down, laughed about it, I thought to myself, yeah that will never happen. Who am I to change the way America poops? 

But change they did. This …  became … This — known worldwide as Squatty Potty So how did this duo come up with this stool for better stools? 

According to Bobby; “They say necessity is the mother of all invention. And my mother was constipated. Squatting actually mechanically relaxes the muscle, opens the bowls, makes elimination easier.” 

Dr. Roger Siddoway, MD agrees; “The Idea is to relax a muscle that is keeping your rectum kinked. There’s no prescription I can write for people that costs less than trying a Squatty Potty.”

The simple solution to Judy’s problem, turned into a business … that eventually landed the Edwards on ABC’s Shark Tank, and a deal with Lori. …. a BIG deal. That first night they had sold $400,000 of Squatty Potty’s. Within 24 hours they hit a million. Yeah, $1,000,0000 in 24 hours. 

Squatty is reportedly one of the most popular selling product that appeared on Shark Tank. It set the stage for national distribution in Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Costco and Home Depot.

How do you keep sales growing and people talking about well…you know…?  Que the Unicorn. Judy and Bobby Edwards continued; “I mean how else do you present poop without it being gross?  So, if it’s ice cream it’s easier to talk about.”

When they say ice cream, what they are talking about is…their mascot Dookie: a sherbet-pooping unicorn. 

According to the Edwards “The Unicorn video was 6 times what Shark tank was.”

The Squatty Potty unicorn video has reached over 200 million views.

So, what’s next for Squatty Potty? Looking around their offices, they point out bidets, air fresheners and Judy picks up one her favorites; ” This darling little poop emoji. Toilet plunger. And it works fantastic! This thing is actually flying off the shelves.”

What you may not know is that Squatty Potty remains a Made in Utah product.

Bobby proudly proclaimed “In Logan is where we make our stools. We distribute out of Salt Lake City. There is so much start up and so much entrepreneurship in Utah that all the resources we need are here. So why take it someplace else?”

With Another Utah Success Story – I’m Doug Jessop

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