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ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) We’ve all heard that tell-tale beep of a barcode being scanned. What exactly is a barcode? A barcode is a graphical representation of a bunch of information compacted into a small space. 

What you might not know is the important role Utah-based, The CODE CORPORATION, is playing in the COVID19 pandemic. C.E.O. Kent Hansen explained; “Most countries and hospitals are setting up extensions to their hospitals and triage centers and they are using our scanners to identify those patients, the samples that are being taken, and scanning the medications that are administered.”

How does it work? Hansen continued; “The hospitals are using the scanners to identify the patients, collect the sample. And once that sample is taken it goes back to a lab. Where again you track that sample using a barcode. Our barcode scanners are being used through that whole process. Not just here in Utah, but across the world right now.”

According to The Code Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer, Jana Buck, they built their first scanner in 2001;

“Our original barcode scanner was to barcodes in read magazine advertisements. Since then we have evolved into a much larger variety of barcode scanners and markets.”

They’ve come a long way as both a hardware and software company. Buck told me; “We really wanted to focus on the medical environment, so you’ll see that we started to move towards a variety of scanners that would fit into nurse’s hands. Form, fit and function started to change so they were ergonomically comfortable for people to use.”

How does scanning equipment hold up to all that heavy-duty cleaning in a hospital? Code’s barcode readers use a unique plastic formula called CodeShield® that stands up to the disinfectants and harsh cleaning chemicals that are used in a healthcare environment.

They are also the company that introduced something called “mobile soft scanning” to healthcare. That is when a hospital and its staff use a mobile application on their smart phones to do barcode reading and process the data through the hospitals health information systems.

It’s amazing to see a Utah company making a difference worldwide. Hansen told me with a smile; “We have over a million scanners that we have shipped out to the marketplace.” That’s a lot of scanners. All from this little company in Utah. Scanning the world with another Utah success story, and The Code Corporation, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News

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