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The Uber of luxury boats, The Inland Boat Club

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(ABC4 NEWS – JORDANELLE STATE PARK, UT) It’s a beautiful morning at Jordanelle State Park between Park City and Heber, Utah. I’m sitting in an awesome Nautique boat from the Inland Boat Club. Utah has 44 state parks and a lot of them are great for boating. Jordanelle is one of those.

If you’ve watched any of my “Utah Success Stories” or “Jessop’s Journal”, you know I wear hats in all my stories. I picked up a fun “captain’s hat” a while back and have been waiting for the right story to wear it in. This, my friends, is the right story.

When you’re in a boat with a bunch of people you can’t help but smile…and sometimes even sing. The gang from Inland Boat Club joined me in an impromptu revised version of the theme song from “Gilligan’s Island”; “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fun filled trip. That started from this Utah Port aboard this awesome ship.”

The fun started right away with a father and son surfing behind the boat. Yes, you heard right – surfing.

Between the action, I got to chat with Mike Lewis. I asked him to tell me more about the boat we were in. “This boat is a Super Air Nautique G23. It’s one of the best boats on the water. It’s amazing. It has a wake that is huge that you can surf behind. That’ what everyone likes to do now.”

Mike Lewis is the President of the Inland Boat Club. He told me; “Our whole concept is to get more families on the water on the right boat making memories that last a lifetime and change the dynamics of what they are about. We’re all about families and memories.”

They’ve figured out how to give more people access to luxury boats. Mike explained; “Let’s do new boats and let’s get families on a boat that they really, really want to be on. And if we spread the cost around, we can make a little more affordable to get a boat they would probably have a hard time justifying paying for. These boats cost $200,000 most of them. That’s a lot of money for a relatively short season.”

The Inland Boat Club has a fleet of 22 and growing high-end Nautique boats. What’s really impressive is their app technology.

“Our app that we built looks at where the boats are available. Maybe you go to Deer Creek instead of Jordanelle because that’s where the boat is that available. But that technology is going to change the game. It allows us to run the club for scheduled maintenance and oil changes and cleaning.”

It’s kind of an UBER for boats.

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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Mike continued; “You can schedule a boat on a specific lake for a time. Get off work early and got to the lake and jump on the boat. Your job is to leave it clean and full of gas.” Even I can handle that.

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