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The solution to growing healthier houseplants and tastier tomatoes

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(ABC4 NEWS – West Jordan, UT) As people are spending more time at home, the importance of living things around like pets, houseplants and gardens is becoming clear.

Gaya, an inquisitive Great Dane puppy, greeted me as I visited with the owner of Liqui-Dirt Nursery, Cory Sackett.

I was immediately drawn to a unique display of hanging plants like nothing else I had seen before. Imagine a suspended living green globe. Cory told me; “These are our string garden plants. Water them one time a month. Hang them up anywhere inside your house. Just normal household light.  They are full living ecosystem for the plants.”

You may have seen their work at home and garden shows or on the set of Jessop’s Journal. They’ve been in the wholesale business for over a decade and recently opened a retail shop specializing in houseplants across the street from the South Jordan airport.

Cory explained; “Liqui-Dirt is also our plant food. It is an organic totally natural plant food that works for every single plant that you have.  It completely changes the game with vegetables. It will double the harvest of your vegetables.  A huge difference where you can see a difference is tomatoes. A lot of tomatoes are like cardboard when you slice them. LiquiDirt tomatoes you can smell the difference. When you slice that it will fill the whole house up with the smell of tomatoes.”

Want a grocery store in your backyard? You can grow your own heirloom vegetables with the seeds Liqui-dirt harvests off their own crops.

As I picked up a large pouch of seeds I noticed that it wasn’t a sprinkle set. They are all individually packaged and labelled inside. Cory told me; “You have 25 years to use them. 7000 garden seeds to plant over an acre worth of food.”

Cory handed me a lightweight pouch of their organic plant food. How in the world do I feed my plants? He walked me through the steps; “It’s super easy. The pouch contains our Nanopowders. Put one cup of water inside the pouch. Let it sit for 24 hours. Add 1 cap into any gallon of water and that’s really as easy as it goes. Then use 2 ounces out of that on your houseplants once a month.” 

How much is 2 ounces? About the size of a shot glass.

Not only do houseplants help clean the air and beautify your living space, studies have shown they help your mental well-being. The folks at Liqui-Dirt Nursery are all about customization. As Cory put it; “We feel everyone should have that special plant, that special planter that only you have.”

You can have them put something together for you or you can do it yourself. Admittedly, I like to get my hands dirty, so I rolled up my sleeves and helped create a terrarium and even planted moss spores.

As Cory walked me through the steps he said; “We make every single part to go in it. From the soil to the activated carbon, we also grow the little critters that need to be in there for that complete ecosystem. Of course, we have LiquiDirt. We grow all of the plants that are really well suited for terrariums as well.”

As we were wrapping up a planter that had tadpoles in it caught my attention. Cory told me with a big grin; “The tadpoles symbolize how organic LiquiDirt really is. They are swimming in Liqui-dirt.”

With another Utah Success Story and LiquiDirt I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.  (5)

Liqui-Dirt is located at 7238 S. Airport Rd STE 6 in West Jordan. Their website is www.liquidirt.com

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