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(ABC4 NEWS – LOGAN, UT) When was the last time you saw a rainbow? I got to visit with a company that makes rainbows every day.

Don Szczepaniak, President & C.E.O. of Prismview put it this way; “Remember light-Bright’s? Where you put a color light into a dark canvas. It’s not very different than that.”

Logan, Utah based Prismview controls light. One of their engineers gave me a quick lesson. He told me that an LED is a light emitting diode which is comprised of a red, green and blue diode that you make over 16 million colors with.

Those LED’S help you feel the rainbow.

Don gave me a tour of the plant. I was amazed to see the technology that is coming out of Cache Valley. As we walked along he said; “This is a billboard. A standard highway billboard. 14 feet high 48 feet long.” I was amazed to learn that this one billboard had about 500,000 LEDs.

If you ever have watched a Utah Jazz game, you see Prismview’ s work. Between the big screens inside the building, they also have provided all of the signage outside the Vivint Smart Home Arena as well. It gets a little mind boggling when you start counting LED’s in the millions, yes with an “M”. The “House that Larry built” has 33 million of those tiny LED’s.

The production floor at Prismview is filled with activity. I met Candice Draper, the Director of Production. She showed me a model of what their up to next. “The biggest project we are working on right now is for the LA Rams. To put it into perspective how big this is going to be, we have 4 sections put together right here

and there will be over 300 sections that are about this size that will go into that project.” The Prismview plant has some pretty high ceilings. This new project for the LA Rams is reaching for the rafters. I asked Candice how tall this new sign was going to be. She pointed to a large panel as said; “This right here is 15 feet tall, but the sign once it is all put together, will be the size of a 4-story building.”

There are 60,000 panels in the new scoreboard. To put this in perspective, Candice told me; “Just on the center hung, what we call the Oculus. There are 70 million LED’s in this sign” That’s a lot of diodes!

One of my favorite things about going to do Utah Success Stories is the opportunity to be part of the manufacturing process. They put me to work with a pretty cool air driven rivet gun. PJ as a great teacher. I hope you don’t pay me by the rivet or I’m in trouble.

Don was like a proud papa when I asked him what it is like to see Prismview signs in Time Square, at major sports arenas or just along the road.

He said with a wide grin; “ It’s cool, there is no other way to say it, it’s a very cool feeling to be able to point to something. To your family and friends and say ‘yeah, we did that.” That’s a big deal for us.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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