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(ABC4 News, PARK CITY, UT) Here is your vocabulary question of the day…what does the term “Huck” mean? I went to Park City, Utah to find out.  Emma Schwartz educated me; “Huck means to jump off or throw and it’s used in extreme sports a lot of the time. Someone would say, go Huck that cliff for instance in skiing. So, you would ski off of it. I’m a big skier, so I just loved the word.”

Emma loved the word so much that she named her street clothing branding “The Huck Project.” She started the business my looking in her own closet and looking at her fellow teenager’s fashions.

She explained; “It all comes together, what’s missing and what’s there. Because you want to be able to find what people want, but also what people are buying.”

One of her most popular products is a new twist on something old. While she was traveled for a ski competition, Emma and her Mother dropped into an Army surplus store. “When I saw the camo, I knew I needed to do something different with it. Because that’s what I really like to do. I like to upcycle things and I just got the idea that painting would be cool.”

I asked Emma how she came up with her painted clothing designs for her line of mountain vibe clothing.  She chuckles and through a big smile tells me; “If I know I’m going to be painting the next day, I usually go to bed thinking about it and end up dreaming about it.”

One of the fun parts of doing Utah Success Stories is the ability for me to roll up my sleeves and be part of the process. Emma invited me to paint with her. So what kind of thing did she dream up for us to make together? She takes me to a big table covered with clothing and a menagerie of painting supplies and says, “I thought we could do some flowers, because I know you like to grow flowers. I like the look of flowers. I also thought we could do some polka dots or ombre.”

She has already set out some camo pants for my Grandkids. She works with me on color combinations and we are off and running. She has obviously done this before as she starts doing various abstract designs and then invites me to join in.  Painting, drying, more painting, more drying. It was fun to see her creativity in action.

Did I mention that this Park City entrepreneur is 14 years old? She started “The Huck Project” with a loan from her parents. I must admit, I was quite impressed with the hands-off approach that her parents have. Through Emma’s hard work, social media networking and pop-up shops, business seems to be doing pretty good. Her face lit up as she reported; “I was able to pay them back in the first 6 months and broke even in the first year of my business being started.”

What are Emma’s plans? She said; “I would love for it to go global and I really, really, really want my line to show at New York Fashion Week one day. That’s my biggest dream.”

With another Utah Success Story, and a new hat (okay it’s technically a “The Huck Project” beanie), I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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