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(ABC4 NEWS- SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Everyone needs a daily shave. Young and old, boys and girls. Yes, ladies and gentlemen that means you too. What kind of shave you might ask?

Amy Banks of Centerville, Utah explain with a smile; “We sell shaved ice and we sell happiness.” Her husband, Paul, added; “Shaved ice is about summer and having a good time and being with family. It just really kind of takes us back.”

The Banks family own a dessert food truck called “The Daily Shave“.

They found an old hunting trailer and spent a couple years restoring it. It’s the perfect home for their delicious dessert. Amy told me; “We really love the trailer because it’s vintage. We really wanted to stay with the vintage type theme.”

So the obvious question is “How did they come up with the name?” It’s a combination of a play on words and keeping in the vintage theme. “We like the mustache theme We call them stachelties…Stache plus specialties.” Amy said.

What’s the deal with the mustache? Paul told me; “It’s kind of an icebreaker, no pun intended, but it really is.”

Paul handed me a stick-handlebar mustache to try on. I admit, it looked pretty good with my hat. I’m not sure my wife would kiss me with it on, but I kept it on for the rest of the interview.

Amy introduced me to their youngest daughter, 8-year-old Kim. When customers come to trailer window they are greeted by Kim. She takes their order and writes what they want on the bowl. Paul chimed in; “She likes to hand out the mustaches to the kids.”

I asked Paul to explain the process. He is quite the ice aficionado; “From block ice, can’t be any other kind. Has to be solid block ice. Once it is on the shaver, it’s really about listening to the blade. The ice has to be at the right temperature. It has to sweat.”

He continued; “You can’t just pull it right out and throw it on the blade. It will ruin your blade and you don’t get very good quality ice. You want the soft fluffy ice. Shave it. Stack it in our bowls. We like to stack them up really high, so you are getting plenty of flavor.”

Paul’s perfection makes for some pretty good product.

14-year-old Keely Banks takes care of the flavors. Her Dad, Paul, said “She really likes it when people order creamer or sweetened condensed milk because then she gets to draw on top of the ice with it.”

What’s the Banks family’s definition of success?

Paul got emotional as we told me how much he loves seeing his daughters working together, playing together and learning life skills at The Daily Shave. He summed it up well; “We are a pretty young business. Pretty young family. For me the success has been spending more time with my family”

With another Utah Success Story, and The Daily Shave, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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